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Plug Into Your Future with Benton PUD
Retail Rate Design Strategy Meetings

Why is Benton PUD evaluating the rate strategy?
Benton PUD wants to ensure we are in alignment with our customers and community needs while at the same time being fiscal stewards for all of our customers.

Why does the rate strategy need to change?
As Benton PUD and other electric utilities face increasing regulatory mandates, rising costs and evolving customer needs, we must balance the cost to serve customers with how to best provide, manage and integrate new products and services. 

New technologies, such as improved online customer services and the growth of solar panel installations on homes and businesses, are some of the many factors that need to be considered in future rate design.

How is a new rate strategy being developed?
Benton PUD is conducting a comprehensive review of our retail rate design and developing our rate strategy.  This includes analyzing the many factors that impact our rates, as well as getting a better understanding of our customers’ expectations.

How can you get involved?
Two public meetings were held in April 2014 to discuss the retail rate design strategy.  Click here for a copy of the presentation.  If you have any feedback or questions regarding our process or new retail rate design strategy, please email your comments to