Advanced Meter Information

Benton PUD completed the installation of over 48,000 advanced meters to our residential and commercial and agricultural customers in 2012.  The advanced meters replaced old electromechanical meters enabling Benton PUD to provide better customer service, improve system performance and to operate more effectively.

These meters have many customer benefits.  By using the transmitted power quality information, the system helps pinpoint the location of outages and system performance issues, resulting in faster response to customers.  Customer service representatives are able to answer customer questions about their day-to-day electricity usage.  Analyzing daily energy consumption is also useful when home energy audits are conducted.

Information about our Advanced Meters

Security, Privacy and Customer Choice

Radio Frequency Research and Studies

Benton PUD contracted with Richard Tell Associates to perform a Smart Meter Radio Frequency (RF) study. The scope of work included taking a limited set of measurements on three residential installations of Sensus smart meters on homes, measurement at one apartment complex and measurements at one Tower Gateway Base Station.

Richard Tell Associates is a scientific consulting business focused on electromagnetic field exposure assessment, compliance with applicable standards and regulations on radiofrequency (RF) and power frequency fields and analysis and interpretation of electromagnetic fields.
Mr. Tell has 38 years of experience working on issues related to radiofrequency hazards.

Click here to see the full report – “An Evaluation of Radio Frequency Fields Produced by Smart Meters Used by the Benton PUD”.  7/26/12

Radio Frequency Research and Studies

Facts vs. Fiction

Get the facts.  Check out this video released by the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative that separates the facts of advanced meters from the fiction. The video specifically counters claims that advanced meters infringe on your personal privacy and are harmful to your health.  Click here to see the video. 

Still looking for more information?  Click here to learn more about separating the myths about advanced meters from fact.

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