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Benton PUD's Solar Connection Program

Interested in investing in solar for your home or business?

Installing solar panels on your property makes sense if you own your home or business and want to make a long-term investment in solar energy.  The first thing to consider when choosing whether to install solar panels on your property is to identify how much of an investment you want to make - how many panels and where they will be installed.  A solar installer will be able to analyze your property to determine an appropriate size and location.

You may purchase or lease a solar electric system.  If you plan to lease, make sure to understand the terms and conditions of the agreement.

Rooftop Solar

Benton PUD customers who choose to install solar panels on their property should enroll in our net metering program.  This program allows customers to offset their energy usage with the electricity generated from their solar panels through net metering.

Notice:  Benton PUD has reached its incentive cap, and the Commission voted to limit participation in the state-funded Renewable Energy System Cost Recovery Program (Resolution 2362).  Benton PUD will continue to support new systems installed with net metering which enables customers to receive credit for the power generated by their system at the full retail rate but they are not guaranteed to receive an incentive payment. Review the solar incentive information for our net metering program and the FAQs on the renewable energy incentive payments.

To enroll, please follow these steps:

  1. Contact a solar installer about installing solar panel(s) on your property.

    Click on Solar Connection - Rooftop Program Contractor List for a list of solar installers.  When selecting an installer make sure they are properly licensed, bonded and have experience interconnecting systems in Washington State.  If you are a solar installer and would like to be added to the Contractor List, please click here for an application, complete and return to Benton PUD.

  2. Submit a completed Customer Generation Interconnection Standards packet.

    Your packet must include:

    1. Net Metering Application
    2. Net Metering Agreement
    3. Electrical schematic drawing.   Click here  for a sample Benton PUD Electrical schematic drawing
    4. Provisions for a lockable visible disconnect
    5. Verification that your inverter is UL1741 listed

  3. Submit a Net Metering Certificate of Completion to Benton PUD.  To obtain a Net Metering Certificate of Completion you must have an inspection completed by both Benton PUD and Washington State Labor & Industries.  Once completed, Benton PUD will schedule to install a bi-directional meter on the main electric service, as well as a production meter on the solar panel.

Note:  To be eligible to receive a state production incentive you will need to complete and submit a Renewable Energy System Cost Recovery Certification to the Washington State Department of Revenue.  When completing the certification, please request that Benton PUD receive a copy.

If you have questions at any time during your enrollment process please contact Engineering at (509) 582-1230.