December 19, 2019

Benton City Substation Rebuild

The rebuild of the oldest substation in Benton PUD's fleet is nearing completion.

Back in September, Benton PUD announced on our Facebook page that we began the work to rebuild the Benton City substation which is the oldest substation in the District's fleet: 

Benton PUD Substation in September of 2019 before demolition began.

The equipment in the photo above was completely leveled as crews rebuilt the substation with new equipment. The transformer was in Benton PUD's system since 1950. 

The demolition and rebuild of the Benton City substation in October of 2019
New transformer delivered to Benton City substation during rebuild in October of 2019


After crews disassembled the oldest transformer in our system, as well as the concrete sound barrier around it, contractors began concrete removal to prepare for new footings for the new transformer. 

Crews from our transformer shop spent months working in rain and shine to get this substation ready for operations. Thank you to all of the Substation Electricians, Foremen, and all others involved in making this project a success. 

We're grateful for our crews who worked together to prepare to energize the Benton City Substation by the end of the year. This has been a huge project for Benton PUD this winter and we're excited to continue providing our customers reliable power.