Posted in News Releases, Taxes   June 1, 2017

Benton PUD Pays $2.44 Million in Privilege Tax

Benton PUD paid $2.44 million in "privilege taxes" to the State of Washington at the end of May.
The annual tax was levied on 2016 revenue for the privilege of providing electricity in the state.  The privilege taxes collected by the state include $820,000 for the state school fund, $250,000 to the state general fund.  In addition, $1.37 million is divided between Benton County, and the cities of Kennewick, Prosser, Benton City, and Richland. 
In addition to the privilege tax, Benton PUD paid the following taxes in 2016: $5.45 million to the state for the public utility tax; municipal utility taxes of $4.89 million to the City of Kennewick, $414,000 to the City of Prosser, $123,000 to the City of Benton City, $24,000 to the City of Richland, and other excise taxes of $65,000 to the State.

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