Posted in Public Power, The Energy Experience   October 2, 2017

Celebrating Public Power

Tri-Cities Public Utilities Celebrate Public Power Week
Benton PUD, Franklin PUD, and Richland Energy Services are recognizing Public Power Week October 1-7 along with the more than 2,000 other community-owned, not-for-profit electric utilities that collectively provide electricity to 47 million customers across America. 

The three Tri-Cities public utilities collectively employ over 300 employees and serve over 97,000 residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural customers with reliable, low-cost, environmentally responsible power. Ninety-five percent of the power used to serve local customers is carbon-free hydro, nuclear, and wind, and their rates are some of the lowest in the United States.
The local utilities are governed by officials elected by their respective customers, which means customers have a say in how their utility serves them. Each utilities’ employees are members of the community and work and live alongside the customers they serve.  Public Power Week is just one time during the year to help customers understand how they can better engage with their community-owned utility and benefit from all its offerings. 
This year our local utilities are celebrating Public Power Week by taking part in the second “Energy Experience” at the REACH Museum on Tuesday, October 3rd with other energy partners in our region.  Over 600 Mid-Columbia eighth graders will participate in a STEM-focused energy and environmental summit. The focus will be on the benefits of hydropower, nuclear energy, solar, wind, natural gas; safety; and careers in the energy sector. Students will gain hands-on experience at numerous exhibits and learn about how energy works, makes our lives more comfortable, and keeps our economy strong.