Posted in bill, High bill, What impacts your bill, Winter   December 20, 2022

Usage Matters! Extreme Cold Weather

When temperatures are low, usage goes up. Learn how to take control of your usage and avoid large spikes in electrical energy consumption this winter. Usage matters and we have tips and tools to emPOWER our customers!
In the winter months, heating systems work longer, using more electricity. This is the time of year we tend to have more family gatherings, and daylight hours are at a yearly low. The combination of these things result in an increase in electricity usage in lighting, electronics, appliances, and heating water.

SmartHub® is easy to use and provides you more than just a payment option.  It lets you take control of your electricity usage and manage your account! Get EmPOWERed by using SmartHub app today!

If you'd like to avoid a higher bill this winter due to higher usage, consider the tips below for saving energy and keeping warm - and enroll in SmartHub!
  • Clean your furnace – change filters often
  • Fans – reverse the circulation to push warm air down
  • Bundle Up – put on an extra layer of clothes or a blanket
  • Wear a hat – you lose body heat through your head
  • Drink something warm – cozy up with a cup of coffee or tea
  • Use less water – wash full loads of dishes and clothes and take shorter showers
  • Use less energy – turn off electronics when not in use
Seal leaks – use towels to block drafts from windows and doorsClose your blinds – keep the warm inside For more energy saving tips click here.