Posted in bill, High bill, What impacts your bill, Winter   November 26, 2019

Colder Temperatures Impact Your Bill

When temperatures are low, usage goes up. Learn how to avoid a spike in usage this winter.
In the winter months, furnaces work longer, using more electricity, we tend to have more family gatherings, and daylight hours are at a yearly low. The combination of these things result in an increase in usage in lighting, electronics, appliances, and heating water.

If you'd like to avoid a higher bill this winter due to higher usage, consider the following tips for saving energy and keeping warm:
  • Close your blinds – keep the warm inside
  • Seal leaks – use towels to block drafts from windows and doors
  • Clean your furnace – change filters often
  • Fans – reverse the circulation to push warm air down
  • Bundle Up – put on an extra layer of clothes or a blanket
  • Wear a hat – you lose body heat through your head
  • Drink something warm – cozy up with a cup of coffee or tea
  • Use less water – wash full loads of dishes and clothes and take shorter showers
  • Use less energy – turn off electronics when not in use
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