Posted in Cryptocurrency, Data mining, Rates   March 20, 2018

Electricity Intensive Load Policy Created for Data Mining

In response to growing customer interest in cryptocurrency mining and block chain operations, coupled with concerns about distribution system safety and reliability, Benton PUD’s Commission has approved an Electricity Intensive Load (EIL) policy.  The policy addresses parameters that balance stewardship and fiscal responsibility for all of Benton PUD’s customers while offering cost-effective and reliable service to EIL customers.
The policy defines EIL customers as: 

  • Customer loads where electricity is the predominant input to the business production.
  • Any load where the load factor or total energy consumption is estimated to be or is appreciably higher than: 1) Previous consumption at the service location, or 2) Other customers operating in a similarly-sized and type of facility.

Examples include, but are not limited to:  server farms, an aggregation of microprocessor-based computing equipment within a home, garage or business, or special purpose data centers.  
EIL customers have unique load attributes that are different from typical residential and commercial customers.  Because of this, Benton PUD must ensure that distribution facilities are adequate to meet the electricity intensive load.  Overloading equipment poses a potential safety and reliability risk for both the customer and their neighbors.  To address this concern, customers pursuing EIL operations, new EIL customers, and existing customers whose load meets the definition of EIL are required to notify Benton PUD that they meet the definition of an EIL customer.  An assessment will be performed to ensure the distribution system can safely serve the load.  Customers who fail to notify Benton PUD will be liable for damage to distribution system equipment caused by EIL operations.    
Customers must also complete a Business and Commercial Application for Electric Service and may be eligible for a different rate schedule. 
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