May 28, 2020

How to Save Energy During the Stay Home Order

Don't let this summer break the bank. There are many ways Benton PUD can help you save energy as temperatures start to rise.
As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, we know you have been spending more time at home. Whether working from home, catching up on a new Netflix series, or playing the latest video game, you’re using more electricity. Additionally, temperatures are starting to rise which means air conditioners may be running throughout the day and night. If not monitored, this can result in more usage. Benton PUD’s SmartHub allows you to check your hourly and daily usage and compare it month to month (iPhone; Android). When you know your usage is running high, you can take steps to lower it. You can access SmartHub on our website or download the SmartHub app from your app store.

As we approach Summer, keep these energy saving tips in mind:
  • Close shades during the day to block the sun from heating up your home
  • Run large appliances during the coolest part of the morning and always run full loads
  • Dress appropriately. Wear lighter layers and let a fan cool you off when you are indoors
  • Fans allow you to set your thermostat 4-5 degrees warmer without any discomfort
  • Use a microwave, or better yet, barbeque. This will keep the heat out of your house and help save on your power bill
  • Make sure your hot water heater is set at 120 degrees or lower
  • Open your windows when its cooler outside and shut them before it warms up
For business customers who may be closed during the stay home order:
  • Set back thermostats for heating or air conditioning when not in use
  • Turn off all lights except safety and security lights
  • Remind building occupants to turn off all unused office equipment, including computers, monitors, printers, copiers, and scanners
  • If your water-heating system includes a circulation pump, turn it off
For more energy saving tips go to or call our Energy Advisors at (509) 582-1234.