October 5, 2021

Hydropower is Essential to the Health of Our Planet and its People

Take action to support hydropower and our clean energy future
Benton PUD encourages our customers and community to understand the importance of hydropower’s role in a clean energy future.

The worsening climate crisis has led to warnings, including the recent code red for humanity from the United Nations and a joint health alert on global warming from more than 200 medical journals worldwide.  From these warnings, it is clear that without our dams’ carbon-free attributes we could put the health of our planet and people in jeopardy. 

Yet, calls for the removal of productive carbon-free hydropower dams, like the lower Snake River dams here in Washington continue. 

Benton PUD is proud of our over 90% clean power supply made up primarily from hydro and nuclear power. Hydropower from the lower Snake River dams is carbon-free, low-cost, reliable power that our customers can count on in times of high electric demand.

We encourage you to join us and let your elected leaders know that dams shouldn’t be a partisan issue, and you want to preserve the lower Snake River dams!