May 9, 2022

Outdoor Electrical Safety Tips

Keep outdoor electrical safety practices in mind this Spring.
It's important to be safe around electricity at all times. But when the weather starts warming up and you’re spending time on outdoor projects, it's even more important to keep safe electrical practices in mind.

When working outdoors and using extension cords, don't forget to keep them clear of water and store them indoors when you're done using them. Extension cords should never be left outside, that can create a tripping and electrical hazard. 

Power tools should always be used with care and stored in a safe, dry place. Before using any kind of power tool, clean up any debris in your work area. Things like leaves and wood chips can catch on fire, and keeping your work area clean can avoid this risk. Personal protective equipment (PPE) like masks, goggles, and hearing protection are also necessary when using certain power tools. Pay attention to the manufacturers recommendations and directions. You should also check power tools for damaged plugs and wires. These types of equipment should never be left unattended with children around, and should be unplugged and in the locked position when they're not in use.

If you live near power lines always look up and look out when working outdoors. To ensure you won't accidentally come in contact with an overhead power line, inspect your work area and plan accordingly. Even if you don't have power lines above you, keep in mind power lines can also be underground. Before you dig to plant a tree or install a new fence, call 8-1-1 to have them come and mark underground utility lines.

For more electrical safety information visit our electrical safety page.