Posted in Safety   April 24, 2019

Practice Safe Digging This Spring

Every 9 minutes a utility line is hit because someone didn't call 8-1-1 before they began a digging project.
As Spring warms up our community, residents are ready to get outside and make their homes beautiful. However, there's a few things you should do before jumping into new outdoor projects.

If you're planning on doing any digging the first thing you should do is call the Utilities Underground Location Center at 8-1-1. They'll send someone to mark where your electric, gas, water, sewer, and cable lines are buried. Even if you’re working on a small project, call 8-1-1. Many utilities are buried just a few inches below ground, and they’re installed everywhere. If you call before digging you can avoid a dangerous and expensive problem, and if you’re not sure if you need to call before digging here’s some FAQ’s to help you make a decision.

Another great reminder when getting ready for Spring, when you’re working with irrigation pipes, pool skimmers or tall ladders, remember to look up and be aware of overhead power lines.  Never stand water pipes on end when working anywhere near overhead power lines.

Here's more safety tips for working around the house.