Posted in Rebates   February 25, 2022

Take Advantage of Benton PUD Rebates

Before upgrading your home or business, consider an option that qualifies for one of our rebates.
If you're looking to save money by making improvements to your home or business, you could qualify for a Benton PUD rebate. 

Benton PUD offers rebates for your home for clothes washers and dryers, heat pump water heaters and weatherization such as insulation, windows and doors as well.  We also have rebates on heat pumps, ductless heat pumps and duct sealing.  Did you know that typically, over 40% of your utility bill goes towards heating and cooling.  Heat pumps can be up to 15% more efficient than standard models.  If you are upgrading to a smart thermostat you may also qualify for a rebate.  You can read the details about each rebate for your home here.  Benton PUD also offers low income energy conservation program that offers rebates on weatherization, ductless heat pumps and duct sealing for those who qualify.  You can read more about our low income energy efficiency program here

If you're starting new construction, there are also opportunities to save. The Benton PUD Energy Efficient Homes rebate is available for new, single-family homes that are certified 10% more energy efficient than the current Washington State Building Code. Energy savings are achieved by upgrades to a home's:  shell, including windows, HVAC and smart thermostat, water heating, appliances, and lighting, including fixtures. You can find the details of the rebates we offer for new construction here.

Our Commercial Energy Efficiency Program (CEEP) includes rebates for special projects for your business. These projects include but are not limited to compressed air, variable frequency drives, industrial lighting interactive with HVAC systems and refrigeration. This program also includes rebates for deemed savings on energy efficient lighting. Agriculture is also included in Benton PUD's rebates for businesses. The agriculture program includes incentives for irrigation hardware, variable frequency drives, and other energy saving equipment. We also offer an industrial program that includes incentives for projects that help you reduce the amount of energy you use and save. We work with the Bonneville Power Administration and Cascade Energy, our energy smart industrial partners, to identify, evaluate and manage projects that will help you reduce operational costs and increase your energy efficiency. You can find more information regarding all of the rebates for your business here.

For more information on Benton PUD rebates, follow these links or contact an Energy Efficiency Advisor at (509) 582-1234:
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