October 8, 2018

Washington Public Utility Districts Association launches statewide customer survey

The Washington Public Utility Districts (PUD) Association is conducting a statewide survey of electric utility customers. This survey will include Benton PUD and Franklin PUD customers. The survey’s purpose it to better understand public opinion and experiences with public power utilities.


Professional researchers with Cocker Fennessy will be making calls, reaching out online and providing a publicly available link to PUD customers, on behalf of the Washington PUD Association.

Benton PUD and Franklin PUD encourage customers to take a few minutes to answer the short survey – customer experiences and perspectives are extremely important to both utilities. The survey will take place from October 9 through October 26, 2018.
The voluntary survey is for research purposes only. Responses are anonymous and personal information will not be released to any third parties. The research firm is using their data bases and public available data to reach potential respondents. NO customer information was provided by Benton or Franklin PUDs for the purpose of conducting the survey.