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Renewables in our community

Almost 80% of your power comes from hydropower

We are proud of the investment we have made in renewables.  We believe in purchasing clean, renewable resources to ensure our community is sustainable for years to come.  Currently almost 80% of your power comes from hydropwer and nearly 91% emission free as a result of hydro, wind and nuclear energy resources.

Benton PUD is a member of the Northwest RiverPartners.  Northwest RiverPartners is an alliance of farmers, utilities, port and businesses that promote economic and environmental benefits of the Columbia and Snake Rivers and salmon recovery policies based on sound science.

The four federal dams on the Snake River are part of the foundation to the Northwest's electric power system.  They are crucial for flood control, river transportation, irrigation and agriculture, recreation, trade and job benefits.  For more on Snake River Dams: Valuable Assets.

Did you know?

  • Northwest dams provide nearly 60 percent of the regions electricity under normal rain and snow conditions.
  • Overall, Northwest dams produce an average of about 14,000 megawatts of electricity every year under normal precipitation equivalent to powering over 11 Seattle-sized cities every year.
  • Electricity from Northwest hydropower facilities typically costs 3 to 10 times less (per megawatt hour) than nuclear, coal or natural gas plants. It’s also cheaper than wind or solar.
  • Hydro system operations have been modified to increase flows and the spill of water through the dams to move young fish downstream faster, and fish survivals at the dam are high, averaging 97 percent.


Dam Good Reasons 

Courtesy of NW RiverPartners

Discover the Power of the Northwest Dams