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What's New at Benton PUD

Renewables in Our Community
Benton PUD is proud of the investment we have made in renewables to ensure our community is sustainable for years to come.

Advanced Meter Information
Learn more about how our advanced meters result in improved system performance and efficiency

Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project
Benton PUD, led by Battelle, is partnering with the BPA and 11 other utilities in the region to test new technologies and capabilities of the electric grid. 

Breaking News

Benton PUD builds first local community solar project
Benton PUD plans to break ground in April on the first local community solar project.  The cost of the project is covered by participants.  To participate customers can purchase units for $250 each.  In return, participants receive a proportionate credit on their electricity bill for solar power produced by the project as well as the state energy production credits.

Right Tree Right Location
When planting trees in your yard this spring, make sure to think about your tree's future height, spread and growth rate and plant trees 3 to 15 feet away from power lines and always call 811 before you dig!

Conservation Audits for Commercial Customers
Benton PUD has contracted with Terry Mapes from the Bonneville Power Administration to perform energy efficiency audits for our commercial customers. The audits will help identify electrical efficiency improvements that may be eligible for incentives.  If you are a commercial customer interested in saving money and energy please contact Kevin Fischer, Benton PUD Energy Efficiency Advisor, at (509) 585-5395.

Conservation Survey
Benton PUD is conducting a survey of our residential and commercial customers to assist us in developing potential conservation targets for the coming biennium.  Benton PUD has contracted with Robinson Research located in Spokane to conduct the survey.  If you are contacted we ask that you take time to respond to the questions.  Your answers will be used to assist us in developing our future conservation programs.

Heat Pump Water Heaters
Looking for ways to save money and energy?  Heat pump water heaters are twice as efficient as conventional electric tank-style water heaters.  Rebates are available if you are replacing an electric tank-style water heater in an existing single family site-built home. Click here to learn more.

Light Bulb Recycling
Benton PUD is no longer accepting CFLs for recycling.  Click here to learn more about recycling compact florescent light bulbs and tubes and a collection site near you.

Customer Newsletter - Between the Lines - Spring 2015

Energy Savings

Rebates for Weatherization and HVAC systems


Rebates for ENERGY STAR® appliances


Do-it-Yourself Home Energy Audit

Use the checklist to make your home more energy efficient.


Appliance Cost Calculator

Wondering how much power your television uses?  Check this out!


Bill Calculator
Understand the costs associated with your bill.