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What's New at Benton PUD

Renewables in Our Community
Benton PUD is proud of the investment we have made in renewables to ensure our community is sustainable for years to come.

Advanced Meter Information
Learn more about how our advanced meters result in improved system performance and efficiency

Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project
Benton PUD, led by Battelle, is partnering with the BPA and 11 other utilities in the region to test new technologies and capabilities of the electric grid. 

Breaking News

Heat Pump Water Heaters - 
Save energy and save money!  Consider a heat pump water heater!  Heat pump water heaters work like a refrigerator, but in reverse.  They pull heat from the surrounding air and transfer it into the water in the storage tank.  Heat pump water heaters are up to twice as efficient as conventional electric tank-style water heaters.  Benton PUD is now offering a rebate for qualifying heat pump water heaters - $300 for a 50 to 75 gallon tank or $500 for a 76 or more gallon tank in a single family site-built home.  Click here to learn more.   

Benton PUD Conducting a Utility Pole Audit
Benton PUD has over 24,000 electric transmission and distribution utility poles located throughout Benton County.  The poles not only support the wires and equipment used to deliver power, they also provide space for telephone and cable service providers.  Benton PUD has contracted with Osmose Utilities Services to perform an audit of the space rented by telephone and cable service providers on our poles.  The audit began in June 2014 and is scheduled to take up to two years to complete.  Click here for more information.

UPDATE:  In August 2014, auditors began inspecting poles in East Kennewick.  If you have questions or concerns about the audit, please give our Engineering Department a call at (509) 582-1230.

Between the Lines - Summer 2014
Check out our latest customer newsletter.  Learn more about Benton PUD, a new heat pump water heater rebate, how you can help a neighbor beat the heat this summer and the Clean Hydro campaign that highlights the benefits of the hydropower system in the Pacific Northwest.

Energy Savings

Rebates for Weatherization and HVAC systems


Rebates for ENERGY STAR® appliances


Do-it-Yourself Home Energy Audit

Use the checklist to make your home more energy efficient.


Appliance Cost Calculator

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