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Resource Planning

Ten Year Load and Customer Forecast 2019-2028

Ten Year Load and Customer Forecast 2019-2028

Integrated Resource Plan

Benton PUD developed its Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) to establish a long-term resource strategy to meet its energy, capacity and renewable energy needs over the next 10 years (2019-2028).  The IRP is updated every two years to ensure the process remains fluid and new issues, information and emerging technologies are incorporated into the plan on a regular basis.

2018 Integrated Resource Plan
2018 Integrated Resource Plan Presentation

Conservation Potential Assessment

2020-2029 Ten Year Effective Conservation Resource Potential and 2020-2021 Biennial Target
2018-2027 Ten Year Conservation Potential and Biennial Target
2017 Conservation Potential Assessment

Surplus Energy

When Benton PUD has surplus energy resources, we are required to offer it into the region before selling out of the region pursuant to the Bonneville Power Administration’s policy on  Determining Net Requirements of Pacific Northwest Utility Customers and the Northwest Power Act, sections 5(b)(1) and 9(c).   Information regarding available surplus electric energy is available from The Energy Authority (TEA), a power management organization for public power utilities.