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We contribute high value to our community and customers by providing energy and related services using reliability and efficient delivery systems.


To improve the quality of life in our community through leadership, cooperation and stewardship.

Strategic Anchors

Safety:  We are committed to cultivating an enriched safety culture which actively involves all employees in identifying issues that could impact workplace and public safety, and empowers them to take actions to prevent and correct safety deficiencies.

Customer Value:  We create and maximize customer value by providing cost-effective, efficient, and quality service.

Reliability:  We maintain high standards of reliability in providing products and services that are essential to the quality of life. 

Stewardship:  We preserve the public's trust through our stewardship of assets, our care for the environment, and our compliance with laws and regulations.

Skilled Workforce:  We recruit, develop, motivate, and retain a highly skilled, resilient, and diverse workforce and foster a healthy, safe, well-equipped and productive work environment for our employees, their families, and the public.

2020-2021 Benton PUD - Maintaining Grid Affordability in a Clean Energy Era