Budget Payment Plan

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A helpful tool for your budget

Set up a Budget Payment Plan to pay the same amount each month

The Budget Payment Plan enables you to divide your bill into equal payments and pay the same amount each month.  The plan is helpful for budgeting purposes and helps to smooth out the amount due when monthly bills fluctuate with the weather.  You still pay for only the electricity you use, but at a set amount each month.

Requirements to enroll on the Budget Payment Plan:

  • The account must be at zero balance.
  • To ensure an accurate payment amount, we ask that you have lived at your home for at least 6 months prior to enrolling.

Calculations and Review of the Budget Payment Amount:

  1. The payment amount is calculated by averaging your past twelve months’ bills.  To determine the amount of your payment, the last 12 monthly bills are added together and divided by 12 to estimate your average monthly payment.
  2. When your account is reviewed, if there is a credit balance on the account, the credit is divided by 12 and deducted from the monthly average to determine the payment amount.  If there is a balance due, it is divided by 12 and added to the monthly average.
  3. Payments amounts are reviewed monthly and adjusted when necessary.

To sign up for, cancel or inquire about a Budget Payment Plan, enroll or log in to SmartHub® and go to Contact Us.