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Instead of receiving a traditional electric bill each month, Pay As You Go offers you greater control over your electric usage by allowing you to choose when and how much electricity to buy on a prepaid basis, similar to adding gas to your car or buying minutes on a prepaid phone.

Enrollment in Pay As You Go is voluntary.  You never pay a deposit or late fee.  You have the flexibility to pay when you want, how you want and in the amount you want, as long as a credit balance is maintained on your account.  

By monitoring your account balance on a regular basis, you can understand what causes your electric usage to fluctuate and can take steps to lower your consumption and ultimately lower your costs.

Is Pay As You Go the right choice for me?

Pay As You Go is a great option for customers who prefer to make smaller weekly or biweekly payments rather than paying for the entire months’ worth of electric usage all at once.  

How does Pay As You Go work?

Your meter will be read every day to calculate your daily usage.  The daily usage amount will then be deducted from the credit balance on your account.  When the credit balance becomes low, we will notify you by email every day until a payment is made that increases the balance above a minimum threshold.  There is no need to wait for the email reminder, you can make payments at any time on your account.

Can I switch to Pay As You Go if I'm already a customer?

Yes. If you have paid a deposit you can apply the deposit towards the balance on your traditional bill and the purchase of your prepaid electricity.

How much does Pay As You Go cost?

There are no fees to enroll, however a minimum of $50 credit must be established during enrollment. 

How much of a credit should I keep on my Pay As You Go account?

It’s entirely up to you, Pay As You Go is designed to fit your individual budget.

Will I still receive a monthly bill?

No. You can easily manage your account and view your usage on SmartHub.  An email notification is sent when your account balance reaches the low balance threshold to remind you when it is time to make a payment.  

What should I do if my electric service is disconnected?

When you receive a low balance notification, it is important to make a payment to maintain a credit balance.  When your credit balance is depleted, an email will be sent to let you know the account is subject to disconnect.   If payment is not made within a couple of hours, the service will be disconnected and an email will be sent to notify you of the amount required to be paid for reconnection.  Simply pay the required amount for reconnection through one of our convenient payment channels and the electricity will be reconnected remotely within minutes.

If you're interested in enrolling or learning more about Pay As You Go, contact Customer Service at (509) 582-2175.