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smart-hub-menu-icon.png Sign up for Paperless billing

Signing up for Paperless billing is easy.  Enroll or log in to SmartHub® and choose to turn off paper bills.

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Commmission overview.png Change your bill due date

Is your bill due date convenient for you?  If not, let us know.  We can change it.

You can request a change to your monthly bill due date, thanks to the flexibility of our advanced meters.

You can request a change to your bill due date

Commmission overview.png Learn more about why your usage has been so high

Got a high bill and would like to know why? Our energy efficiency advisors can help you locate the causes of high bills.

Enroll or log in to SmartHub® and go to Contact Us. 

Find out more about what costs go into your bill

View our bill calculator to  understand the costs associated with their monthly bill.