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Partnering to educate the next generation

Salmon Power

We partner with the Benton Conservation District to offer Salmon Power.  Salmon Power was designed by staff at the Conservation District and is targeted towards fourth grade classrooms that participate in the Salmon in the Classroom program.  Salmon Power focuses on the role our dams play in providing hydropower and supporting fish migration.

The Energy Experience

Local energy partners and community leaders host a STEM-focused energy and environmental summit for eighth grade students in the Mid-Columbia region.  The Energy Experience was designed to create awareness and understanding of energy resources, electrical safety and public power.  The primary focus is hydropower, nuclear, wind, solar, natural gas and energy efficiency as well as the benefits and challenges of each resource.  Common Core and Next-Generation Science Standards are incorporated into engaging displays and hand-on activities.

Power Day

Benton PUD developed Power Day for 4th grade students. Power Day is a two and a half hour program that gives students a hands-on educational experience as they learn about how electricity works, how it is generated and what forms of energy - Hydro, Nuclear, Solar, and Wind - power our community. Students also learn about electrical safety and careers in the utility industry while getting the chance to hear from engineers, linemen, and more!

Contact Communications at (509) 582-1276 to learn more about this energizing experience.

Tri-Cities STEM Career Academy


The Tri-Cities STEM Career Academy (STEM Academy) offers you a look into your future. You’ll explore the physics of producing hydropower, design and build hydrogen and solar cars, build and fly a drone, and trace your lunch from farm to market. While completing these STEM challenges, you will learn directly from engineers, hydro and nuclear plant operators, skilled trades workers, scientists, conservationists, and other industry professionals. These professionals will explain future local employment opportunities in clean energy, agriculture, and conservation, plus what skills you’ll need and how to get those skills.

Each of your STEM Academy industry instructors has a story to tell about finding a career that brings them joy every day and enables them to make a difference in our community. Local leaders are working hard to distinguish Tri-Cities as the sustainable clean energy and agriculture hub for Washington. What will your contribution be? By the end of the week, you’ll be able to write your own story and a plan to build a bridge from high school to a successful STEM career in the Tri-Cities.

The STEM Academy is a Foundational for Water & Energy Education (FWEE) event hosted by local innovators in clean energy, agriculture, and conservation. Benton PUD and Washington Grain Commission serve as anchor sponsors, with partners including Benton Conservation District, Energy Northwest, Franklin Conservation District, City of Richland Energy Services, Educational Service District 123, Kennewick School District, and Benton REA, along with workshops led by industry experts, including Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

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