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In the EmPOWERed Series below, you will find energy topics ranging from the fundamentals of electricity and the elementary basics of an atom to how the power grid works and the lifecycles of power-generating systems. Feel free to dive in anywhere you’d like by clicking on the topic of your choice. Listen closely, there may be some questions you’ll need to answer along the way. You’ve got the POWER!

Our EmPOWERed series was featured on articulate.com for its modern look and feel and its purpose to tackle energy literacy by emPOWERing our communities.

1-Electricity-Supply-Chain-(1).png 2A-Electricity-Fundamentals_-Getting-Grounded-in-the-Basics-(1).png 2B-Electricity-Fundamentals-Alternating-Current-AC-Electricity-(2).png
2C-Electricity-Fundamentals-AC-Electricity-The-Power-Grid-(1).png 3-Electricity-Generation-The-Interconnected-Power-Grid-(1).png 4A-Fish-Dams-Hydropower-Dam-Construction-(1).png
4B-FIsh-Dams-How-Dams-Fish-Coexist-(1).png 5-Intro-to-Electrical-Power-Generation-Technology-Lifecycle-Considerations-(1).png 5A-Solar-Power-Generating-Technology-Lifecycle-Considerations-Renewable-Energy-(1).png