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Commerical Business Rebates

Heating, VEntilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Our Commercial Energy Efficiency Program (CEEP) includes rebates for special projects or process related systems that improve efficiency including, but not limited to, compressed air, variable frequency drives, industrial lighting interactive with HVAC systems and refrigeration.

To apply for the rebate, please fill out our CEEP Custom Project Application.


Our Commercial Energy Efficiency Program includes rebates for deemed savings on energy efficient lighting.  

To get started, please fill out the CEEP Lighting Project Application and contact us to schedule an audit.

Agricultural Rebates

Our agriculture program includes incentives for sprinklers, nozzles and other irrgiation hardware and variable frequency drives. 

To apply for the rebate, please fill out our CEEP Deemed Project Application.

We are offering an Irrigation Equipment Pilot program for sprinkler equipment.  To apply for a rebate, please fill out our CEEP Deemed Project Application, along with an Irrigation Equipment Rebate Form and submit with an itemized invoice.

Industrial Rebates

Our industrial program includes incentives for projects that help you reduce the amount of energy you use and save.  We work with Cascade Energy, our energy smart industrial partner, to identify, evaluate and manage projects that will help you reduce operational costs and increase your energy efficiency.

For questions about any of our commerical business rebates contact Kevin Fischer at or (509) 585-5395.