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Commerical Business Rebates

Heating, VEntilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Our Commercial Energy Efficiency Program (CEEP) includes rebates for special projects or process related systems that improve efficiency including, but not limited to, compressed air, variable frequency drives, industrial lighting interactive with HVAC systems and refrigeration.

To apply for the rebate, please fill out our CEEP Custom Project Application.


Our Commercial Energy Efficiency Program includes rebates for deemed savings on energy efficient lighting.  

To get started, please fill out the CEEP Lighting Project Application and contact us to schedule an audit.

Agricultural Rebates

Our agriculture program includes incentives for irrigation hardware, variable frequency drives, and other energy saving equipment.
For equipment related to circle pivots (sprinklers, nozzles, regulators, etc.) please fill out the following two forms:
Equipment Rebate Application 
Irrigation System Conversion and Sprinkler Tool 

Submit these with an itemized invoice to
To apply for a rebate related to larger equipment, please contact our Conservation department at or by phone at (509) 582-1234.

Industrial Rebates

Our industrial program includes incentives for projects that help you reduce the amount of energy you use and save.  We work with Cascade Energy, our energy smart industrial partner, to identify, evaluate and manage projects that will help you reduce operational costs and increase your energy efficiency.

For questions about any of our commerical business rebates contact our Conservation department at or by phone at (509) 582-1234.

Washington State Clean Buildings Law

In 2019, Governor Inslee signed the Clean Buildings bill into law, which requires all commercial buildings in the state with an area greater than 50,000 square feet to reach a prescribed Energy Use Intensity (EUI) target beginning in 2026. The legislation requires the Washington State Department of Commerce to develop and implement an energy performance standard for these buildings and provide incentives to encourage efficiency improvements.  The Clean Buildings Performance Standard (CBPS) is specific to business type and size.  Building owners covered by the standards will be notified by mail by the Washington State Department of Commerce.  We encourage our customers to become familiar with the CPBS that applies to them. The state has created a resource guide for Building Owners. 

While Benton PUD will play a role in providing energy usage data to building owners and administering state funded incentives, it is important to understand that owners will be working directly with Washington State Department of Commerce to register their properties and to submit documentation that will be required for the program. 

For questions related to the state’s Clean Buildings program, we encourage customers to contact the Washington State Department of Commerce.  If you have other questions, please contact our Conservation department at or by phone at 509-582-1234.

For questions related to commercial rebates, please contact our Conservation department at or 509-582-1234.