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Electric Vehicle Plan

Benton PUD has launched an Electric Vehicle Plan. The overall desired result is to increase our brand recognition as a clean fuel for transportation which over the long term will result in beneficial load growth and continue to demonstrate the District’s desire to be our customer’s Trusted Energy Partner.   Owning an electric vehicle, or EV, includes financial and environmental benefits. Since electric vehicles don’t require oil changes and other costs, owning an EV is expected to decrease vehicle maintenance costs. Thanks to the Northwest abundant hydropower and our local nuclear power from Columbia Generating System, EVs are powered by nearly 100% carbon free energy, making them environmentally friendly.


Benefits to purchasing an EV include:

  • Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Conveniently charge your EV at home
  • Low Maintenance
  • State and Federal Incentives
  • Customer Rebates
  • Very low carbon emissions
  • Quite ride with no engine noise


Benton PUD offers a rebate for buying or leasing a qualifying new electric vehicle. For an application, call us at (509) 582-1234.

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Transportation Alliance (EVITA)

The objective of the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Transportation Alliance (EVITA) is to advocate for sustainable electric transportation infrastructure and take action to promote public/private partnerships for the development of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to and throughout the Tri-Cities and Eastern Washington.

For more information on EVITA, visit