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Electric Vehicle Program - $250 Rebate Available

Did you know that by 2037 EV sales are expected to surpass those of internal combustion engines?  While less than 1 percent of annual car sales are electric, as of December 2019, there were approximately 300 registered in Benton County.  Benton PUD is charging forward with EV Connections, our Electric Vehicle Program, to help educate our customers who may be interested in purchasing an electric vehicle, or EV.  We know there are many things to consider when deciding if an EV is right for you and we want to provide you information, so you are informed when deciding to move forward with an EV.



Owning an EV includes financial and environmental benefits. Since EVs don’t require gasoline, oil changes or regular service on spark plugs and wires, the exhaust system or brakes, owning an EV is expected to decrease your annual vehicle maintenance costs.  And, thanks to the abundant hydroelectric power in the Pacific Northwest and nuclear power from the Columbia Generating System, EVs are nearly 100% carbon-free, making them environmentally friendly.

Other benefits to purchasing an EV include:

  • Fewer moving parts and last longer than an ICE as battery technology improves
  • More efficient than a gasoline powered internal combustion engine (ICE)
  • Quiet ride with no engine noise
  • Charge your EV at home

Leasing vs. Purchasing

Nearly 80% of EVs on the road today are leased, as compared to 30% of all vehicles.  When making the decision to take home the EV, you will need to decide to lease or purchase.

Types of Electric Vehicles

Battery (or All) Electric Vehicles (BEVs or AEVs)
Battery of All Electric Vehicles have a battery and an electric motor instead of a gas tank and an internal combustion engine.  They run entirely on electricity and do not produce any exhaust from the burning of fuel.

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs)
Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles have an electric motor AND a gas-powered internal combustion engine. Some PHEVs operate exclusively, or almost exclusively, on electricity until the battery is nearly depleted, then the gasoline-powered engine turns on to provide power.

Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs)
Hybrid Electric Vehicles have an electric motor AND a gas-powered internal combustion engine and don't plug-in for charging. HEV can have substantial range on a single tank of gas, but they still require trips to the gas station and scheduled engine maintenance.


Types of Chargers



Benton PUD offers a rebate for customers buying or leasing a qualifying new EV. The EV must be all-electric with rechargeable batteries and no gasoline engine.  Application must be submitted within 60 days of purchase.  Vehicle must be registered at a Benton PUD served address.

Electric Vehicle Signature Agreement

For an application, call us at (509) 582-1234.

Please contact a tax advisor regarding other possible state or federal tax credits available.

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Transportation Alliance (EVITA)

Benton PUD is a member of the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Transportation Alliance (EVITA).  EVITA’s mission is to advocate for sustainable electric transportation infrastructure in Washington State and the Pacific Northwest.

Benton PUD, as a member of EVITA, partnered with the City of Kennewick to install a charging station at the Southridge Sports and Event Complex.

For more information on EVITA, click here.