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Benton PUD's Green Power Program

You can make an investment in renewable energy

Benton PUD's  Green Power Program gives you an opportunity to make a monthly contribution to supporting green power.

The cleanest power with the least impact on our environment, Green Power is produced from renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, biomass, geothermal and small run-of-river hydro sources. Many people prefer these clean power sources because they support recycling which protects the earth and its resources.

Your commitment and level of participation is completely up to you. The level at which you choose to participate will be billed monthly and included on your bill. The Green Power program offers you the opportunity to make a choice, to make a positive environmental contribution and to make a big difference at a minimal cost.

Can Green Power be directed to your home or business? Green power purchased by Benton PUD is placed into the northwest power grid. It is impossible to track each electron through the miles of power lines to your home. The concept is simply this- by purchasing green power from the most environmentally friendly energy suppliers, you are supporting renewable resources and helping to preserve our environment.

Benton PUD purchases Green Power from Klickitat PUD, our neighbor in Goldendale. Klickitat PUD produces renewable energy at our region's largest landfill gas-to-energy power plant. It generates renewable energy using methane produced from municipal waste. The plant is the ultimate in recycling - yesterday's trash becomes tomorrow's renewable energy.

Benton PUD also purchases wind power from Nine Canyon Wind Project and Klickitat PUD's White Creek Wind Project.

These are the least expensive renewable energy options available in our region today, however, they do cost slightly more than more conventional options.

Yes, I would like to contribute to Benton PUD's Green Power Program!

I understand the amount indicated above will be added to my electric bill each month. participation is voluntary.
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