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Benton PUD's Net Metering Program

Benton PUD's Net Metering program lets you install a renewable energy system (solar panels or wind turbines) to offset your energy needs.  You receive full retail rate credit each month for generation from your system.  Excess generation at the end of each bill period is carried over to the next bill period as a credit.  On March 31st of each year, any excess generation accumulated is given back to Benton PUD.


Enrolling in Benton PUD's Net Metering Program

Fees to enroll:
$100 Application Fee (nonrefundable, covers costs related to administration)
$350 Net Meter Fee (covers some of the costs associated with supplying and installing the production meter)
$150 Re-Inspection Fee

When installing solar panels, please follow these steps to enroll in our net metering program. 

Note:  Please consult Benton PUD for systems over 25 kW.

  1. Contact a solar installer- make sure they are properly licensed, bonded and have experience interconnecting systems in Washington State. 
  2. Complete and submit the following:
    1. Net Metering Application 
    2. Net Metering Interconnection Agreement.  See Benton PUD Net Metering Interconnection Standards
    3. Electrical schematic drawing.  See sample Benton PUD Electrical schematic drawing
    4. Verification that your inverter is UL1741 listed
  3. Submit a Net Metering Certificate of Completion to Benton PUD.  To obtain a Net Metering Certificate of Completion you must have an inspection completed by both Benton PUD and Washington State Labor & Industries.  Once completed, Benton PUD will schedule the installation of a bi-directional meter on the main electric service and a production meter on the solar system.


For additional information on purchasing solar, please refer to Benton PUD's Rooftop Solar Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have any questions during your enrollment process contact Engineering at (509) 582-1230 or email