Community Solar

Community solar is a low-hassle option that generally offers a lower entry-price than rooftop solar and allows you to support a sustainable future through an investment in a renewable source of energy – solar.  You and others in your community come together to share in the cost of the construction of a solar electric system.  Relative to an investment in customer solar, you can purchase units in smaller increments resulting in a more affordable investment.  You also don’t have to worry about siting, permitting, securing a contractor to install the solar panels or ongoing maintenance of the panels and equipment.
Benton PUD has a long history of investing in renewable energy sources. Currently, Benton PUD’s resource portfolio is over 76% hydroelectric power and over 91% carbon-free.

At the same time, customer interest in solar is growing.  Due to current Washington State solar subsidies, community solar offers individuals interested in solar a unique opportunity to recover their upfront investment in a short time frame. Benton PUD wants to be the Trusted Energy Partner to our customers and provide assistance and solutions for those who wish to invest in solar, whether it is a rooftop solar system or a community solar project.

The Ely Project has 272 panels and produces approximately 75 kilowatts, enough electricity to meet the annual needs of approximately six average homes.  The Old Inland Empire (O.I.E.) Project has 88 panels and produces approximately 24.2 kilowatts, enough electricity to meet the annual needs of approximately two average homes.

Yes, a unit(s) may be transferred to a charity or a nonprofit organization that is a Benton PUD customer.  A customer receiving a donation is required to sign a Participation Agreement and is subject to the 40 unit maximum (Note:  Multiple participants may transfer unit(s) to same charity or nonprofit organization but the total units transferred may not exceed 40 units).