Outage Map

The outage map uses color coded circles to indicate the number and general location of areas where Benton PUD is experiencing power outages.  By clicking on the circle or the geographic area on the map you will be able to view the number of customers served in the area, the number of customers without power and if a crew has been assigned. Currently there is no estimated restoration time available on the outage map.  A typical Benton PUD outage usually lasts about two hours.    

The map shows the general vicinity of the outage.  In order to protect customers’ privacy, it does not show specific addresses.

The information available on the outage map is in near-real-time. There may be instances where the posting of information may be delayed while it is being gathered and verified.  During major storms, with multiple widespread outages, it may take more time to assess the extent of outages throughout Benton PUD’s service area.

“Crew assigned” means that a crew has been deployed to work the outage.

There are times when an outage is needed for normal maintenance or emergency work.  Planned outage indicates there is a crew working on the issue.

Currently there is no estimated restoration time available on the outage map.  A typical Benton PUD outage usually last about two hours.  If you have questions specific to your outage, please call Benton PUD’s Outage Line at 1-888-582-2176 for updates.

Yes. The map is available through our free SmartHub® app and can be downloaded onto Android, Apple iOS and Windows devices.

The outage map only shows outages in the near vicinity of the outage to protect customers’ privacy.

Yes. The outage map is a service Benton PUD provides to its customers and only reflects power outages within our service area.

Outage Alerts

Outage alerts allow a customer to be notified by text or email when an outage has been reported, and when it has been restored, by account service location.

From your desktop, log in to SmartHub® and select ‘Manage Contacts’ from the ‘Notifications’ drop-down menu to manage your contact information.  You can add or edit phone numbers and email addresses where you want to receive alerts.  

To select which alert notifications you want to receive choose ‘Service’ from the ‘Manage Notification’ drop down menu. You have three choices: “Power Outage,” “Planned Power Outage” and “Power Restored.” Select all of the notifications you want to receive, then click "Options" to select the method you want to receive the alert (email or text).   The notifications are sent when the outage is reported and when the outage is restored.  Please note:  emails and text alerts will be sent day and night, depending on when the outage activity occurs.

From your desktop, log in to SmartHub® and manage your contact information from the ‘Notifications’ drop-down menu.  Under ‘Manage Contacts’ you can delete a phone number or email address if you chose not to receive alerts. 

Reporting an outage

You can report an outage by calling the Benton PUD Outage Line at 1-888-582-2176 or use Benton PUD’s SmartHub® application on your computer or mobile device.  Both are available any time, day or night. 

To report an outage using the Outage Line, all you need to provide is your service address. 

If you log in to SmartHub® to report an outage your service address is tied to the account you used to log into SmartHub®.  In the “comment” box, please add any information that may be helpful such as “I heard a loud noise” or “a car hit a pole”.  This helps our crews locate the problem and expedite the restoration.

Restoring power during an outage

Before calling to report an outage check your home's breaker panel (and any outdoor disconnects) to make sure the outage is not due to a tripped breaker. Check to see if your neighbor(s) are out of power too.  This will help you determine if the problem exists within your home, or if it is outside your home.  If you determine the problem is outside your home, call Benton PUD’s Outage Line at 1-888-582-2176 or log in to SmartHub to report an outage. If after your power is restored, if your experience another outage, please notify us again.
Helpful tips: If you were using an electric stove when an outage occurs, turn it off and remove items off the burners.  Do not open the refrigerator or freezer to keep the cold air in. Turn off electronics to protect them from surges.  DO NOT use barbeques or portable generators indoors as this can be deadly.

It depends upon the cause of the outage. Remember to make sure your power is not out because of an electrical problem inside your home, such as a tripped breaker. If your neighbor has electricity and you do not, more than likely they receive their electricity from a different power line or are located on a different circuit than your home.

In most cases, your automated meter will report an outage.  However, if you are experiencing an outage please call Benton PUD’s Outage Line at 1-888-582-2176 or report it through SmartHub®.  By calling you help our crews respond more efficiently and restore your service more quickly. To receive alerts if there is outage in your area or that your power is back on, log in to SmartHub® from your desktop and follow the prompts to set up text or email notifications.

If you see a Benton PUD service crew passing but not stopping, it is because they are assessing the problem or work must first be performed at a nearby location before electric service can be restored to you and your neighbors. Following an outage restoration process ensures all customers have their power restored as quickly and safely as possible.

The restoration process begins at the point where the power feeds into Benton PUD’s system.  This could be a substation, transmission line or a main distribution line.  After these repairs have been made, crews work on the remaining outages and correct the trouble, beginning with areas serving the greatest number of customers and continuing until electricity is restored to each customer’s home.

Each outage is a result of different circumstances, and some may take longer to identify and restore than others. As a result, outage restoration information may not be immediately available.  A typical Benton PUD outage usually last about two hours.

If you need power for medical reasons it is important to have a plan in case of an outage. Be prepared to go someplace that has power such as a hospital, use of a portable generator and/or install a battery backup on important electrical devices.

Safety during an outage

Stay at least 50 feet away from all downed power lines and wires - even if there are no sparks.  Consider all fallen wires to be energized, regardless of whether or not they appear to be safe. Don't touch anything - or anyone - that is touching a downed line.  Get help right away. Report the fallen power line to Benton PUD’s Outage Line at 1-888-582-2176. Make sure your children, pets and neighbors stay away from the power line and any objects it may be touching.

Some people think it’s okay to drive across downed lines, believing that the rubber in the car tires will protect them. While that is true to some extent as long as you stay inside the car, the greater danger is that the downed wire can become entangled in the car’s axle or wheels. This could cause you to pull down the pole or could prevent you from being able to drive any further. Do not drive over downed power lines unless it is a last resort.  If you are inside the vehicle, wait inside for help.  If you must get out, jump out without touching the ground and the vehicle at the same time.  Shuffle, don't run away.  If you are a witness, stay clear and call for help. 

A generator can be a wonderful tool during an outage, especially in helping keep the frozen food in your refrigerator cool. But, it can also be extremely dangerous if used improperly. If you use a portable generator it must be connected through an approved transfer switch that is isolated from Benton PUD's system. Please call us if you have questions about generators. 

No.  Food in your refrigerator will remain safe as long as power is out for no more than four hours. Do not open your refrigerator or freezer to keep warm air out of it.  Discard any perishable food (such as meat, poultry, fish, eggs and leftovers) that has been above 40 degrees for more than two hours. Learn more about food safety in a power outage by viewing the American Red Cross's Food Safety web page.

Preparing for an outage

Benton PUD suggests keeping flashlights and batteries, a portable radio, windup clock, blankets, matches and a manual can opener on hand to be ready for an outage.