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Growing to meet the needs of our community

As our community grows, investment in our electric infrastructure is a must.  Benton PUD has a number of capital projects underway to improve the overall reliability of our electric distribution system and help reduce the risk of prolonged outages.

Sunset Road-to-Reata Road Transmission Project

Benton PUD and the Richland Energy Services (RES) are working on a 115kV transmission line project in the south Badger Mountain and Badger Canyon areas to provide needed capacity and reliability for new and existing customers.  The transmission line will run along portions of Jacobs Road, Dallas Road and I-82.  Construction began in the second quarter of 2017.  RES constructed the line from the Reata Road Substation to the Dallas Road Substation in 2017.  Benton PUD expects to energize the line from the Sunset Road Substation to the Dallas Road Substation in 2019.

Sunset Road-to-Reata Road Transmission Project Customer Letter
Sunset Road-to-Reata Road Transmission Project Fact Sheet
Sunset Road-to-Reata Road Transmission Project Map

Leslie Road Substation Project

Richland Energy Services (RES) and Benton PUD are collaborating on the substation, which has been part of RES’ Capital Improvement Plan since 2014 and is necessary to serve the growing load in the southeast Richland area and to provide backup reliability to neighboring RES and Benton PUD substations.  In April 2016 the City Council authorized purchasing the land at the intersection of Reata and Leslie Roads in southeast Richland for the new substation. 

Leslie Road Project Fact Sheet
Leslie Road Project Frequently Asked Questions
Leslie Road Project Map

The Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) will construct its transmission line that will interconnect the Leslie Rd Substation to the BPA transmission system, and Benton PUD is planning to install its transformer in late 2018.  We will energize the substation to begin serving RES and Benton PUD customers in March 2019.

The partnership between RES and Benton PUD benefits customers and saves money. By collaborating on the project, we are able to build the infrastructure needed at a substantial savings to customers compared to siting and building two separate substations.

Watch the Substation Progress
You can watch the substation construction progress through the lens of the time lapse camera at the site. Click on the menu in the upper left hand corner then the play button at the bottom of the frame to watch the substation take form.