Outage Center

Welcome to Benton PUD's Outage Center.  Benton PUD strives to have very reliable service; however, sometimes storms, distracted drivers, equipment malfunction and even squirrels can cause power outages. 

Outage Map

Our outage web map provides you an easy way to monitor outages real time.  The outage map shows the general location of an outage, if the outage is planned or unplanned, the number of customers without power and if a crews has been assigned.  The map will not show specific addresses that are without power for safety reasons. 

Reporting an Outage

Call 1-888-582-2176 or log in to SmartHub to report an outage.

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How We Restore Power

Outage restoration showing how power is serviced to your home. This starts at the transmission lines that brings the power to substations, then to electric feeders, and finally to your home.

During an outage you may not see our crews, but we want you to know they are working to restore your power. The restoration process begins at the point where the power feeds into Benton PUD’s system. This could be a transmission or distribution line or substation. After repairs have been made at this feeder point, crews work as safely as possible to repair remaining damage, beginning with areas serving the greatest number of customers and continuing until electricity is restored to each customer’s home.

As crews work to restore power in the field, we ask you let crews focus on their work. Doing so, keeps our crews and you safe.