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24-21-12 : Ductile Iron Poles - Sunset-Dallas

Submission Deadline: 07/18/2024 15:00
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Interlocal Agreement

Interlocal Agreements / Contracts signed prior to October 1, 2020 have been recorded at the Benton County Auditor’s office at 5600 W. Canal Dr., Kennewick, WA 99336. 
You can request a copy of a signed agreement/contract by emailing:

Interlocal Agreements / Contracts signed after October 1, 2020 are listed below:

Architectural & Engineering Services

Benton PUD advertises once a year in January for architects and engineers to perform services which may include landscape architecture, structural design, land surveying, rate design, transmission steel tower structural analysis, and system planning.

Interested architectural and engineering firms may obtain a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) by contacting Procurement at

2024 A&E Roster

Materials Management

Benton PUD uses the Materials Management process as a formal way to look at new or revised item(s) brought forward by vendors and manufacturers for evaluation before purchase and implementation of item(s) into our electrical system.  Materials Management meetings are held quarterly.

Interested vendors and manufacturers should complete the following to have their item(s) considered:

  1. Provide the following items in one email to
    • Cut Sheets
    • Certified Test Reports
    • Northwest Users List
    • Pricing based on a normal order quantity
  2. Upon notification, coordinate with the Buyer to ship or drop off samples to Benton PUD's Warehouse.  More than one sample is appreciated so that more than one line crew can install and evaluate your product. 

Address for samples:

Benton PUD
Attn: Materials Management
1500 S. Ely St
Kennewick, WA 99337

If all of the above info is not obtained by Benton PUD within six months of the date of the request for technical information and/or samples regarding a new or revised item, the technical information and samples related to that item(s) will be discarded.

Note: Information about item being approved or disapproved will be communicated via email from the Buyer.


It is required that once a year, information must be submitted under notarization (RCW 54.04.085) by which the Commission of a Public Utility District can prequalify potential bidders on electrical work for the District.  The present District policy is to update all applications every two years, with an affidavit and a Contractor’s Safety questionnaire between the two years.

The District updates its contractor’s prequalified roster every January for designation as a prequalified bidder for electric work, which may include distribution, transmission, substation, area and street lighting, tree trimming and wood pole inspection.  This establishes a roster of contractors from which future projects may be bid. 

The selection process for contractor’s prequalification starts October 1st of each year; an application review and reference checks process is done through a Committee at the District.  All applications must be returned by October 31st to be considered for the new upcoming year.  The selected roster is then sent to the District’s first Commission meeting in December for approval.

Interested contractors may obtain an application packet by contracting Procurement at

2024 Prequalification Roster

Small Works

Benton PUD updates its small works roster every January for public work projects under three hundred thousand dollars ($300,000.00). Projects may consist of backhoe or landscaping work, roads, facilities and building repair, electric and electrical distribution construction projects and janitorial.  

Interested vendors must register your company with MRSC Rosters.  If you are already registered, just add Benton PUD to your listing.  If you have any questions on the roster, please contact MRSC Rosters at 206-625-1300 or

For more information about working with Benton PUD, contact Procurement at