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Technology is a driving force of change

Advanced Meters

Over 70 million advanced meters have been deployed in the U.S., about 88 percent were on U.S. homes.  This percentage is expected to rise significantly over the next few years.  Advanced meters are playing a critical role in shaping the electric grid of tomorrow and enabling the integration of new technologies and innovations across the grid.

All of Benton PUD’s meters are now automated.  The system we installed offers significant benefits to our customers including increased operating efficiencies, lower costs, and quicker outage restoration.  Customers are also able to select their bill due date.  Further, because our meters are read remotely, customer privacy is improved as there is no longer a need to enter our customers’ properties each month to read the meter.  Advanced meters also offer increased meter read accuracy.  They are designed by the manufacturer to be within a +/- .2% accuracy, a significant improvement over the old electromechanical meters which had an accuracy range of +/- 2%.  

These meters have many customer benefits:

  • Enhanced customer privacy due to reduced need for Benton PUD to access customer property
  • Consistent billing periods, since meter reads are obtained on weekends and on holidays
  • No meter estimates (sometimes used when weather prevents meter readers to read meter)
  • More accurate bills
  • Timely processing of service starts and stops
  • Improved energy management via daily and hourly usage reports
  • Remote disconnect meters offer faster service for connects and disconnects
  • Customers may select their bill due date
  • Enhanced employee safety and reduced accidents
  • Energy theft protection
  • Enhanced outage assessment and restoration capabilities
  • Hot socket detection in customer-owned meter bases
  • Improved electrical distribution system operations, including high and low voltage alarms and customer power quality investigations
  • With the implementation of SmartHub:
    • Timely customer access to electric usage data using mobile and web
    • Customer ability to establish usage alerts
    • Improved automatic outage detection enabling a more proactive dispatch of crews
    • Coupled with installation of a meter data management system, meter interval data will improve system planning and analysis
    • Higher level of automated electrical distribution system operations (enhanced SCADA, automated meter alarms)
    • Improved management of distribution energy resources (customer solar)

If you have questions about your meter or Benton PUD's advanced meters, please call Customer Service at (509) 582-2175.