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Overwhelmed by what you are hearing in the news?  Confused?  Can't separate fact from fiction?  Our mission is to be your trusted energy partner.  We want to inform, engage and empower you with information and tools so you can make a difference in your community.

Substack Reads


Benton PUD’s General Manager Rick Dunn gained regional attention with an op-ed published in a weekly energy newsletter read by northwest utilities and policymakers. The opinion piece expresses opposition to a controversial local wind farm while supporting new nuclear development.

The opinion piece and related articles have been republished on Substack, which Benton PUD plans to use to influence state and federal energy policies. You can read articles without subscribing. Although, if you would like to be notified of future articles, subscribing to Rick’s Substack is free. Please read, share, and comment by clicking

We're always thankful for your support and encourage your engagement with Rick and Benton PUD staff on all things power. At Benton PUD, we desire to #EmPOWER our employees, friends, families, and the communities we serve. To achieve this foundational goal, we want to ensure you are informed about what faces us as a utility and, ultimately, what faces you as our customer-owners.

Energy Generation Lifecycle Considerations

With all the emphasis on “clean energy” these days, it’s easy to miss the fact that all sources of energy have environmental impacts. While “clean energy” is usually all about greenhouse gas emissions, you need to consider the full lifecycle of different electricity generating technologies. Consider more of a global perspective on power generation and the concept of energy poverty. Afterall, electricity is a commodity and a service that “powers all other industries.” 


Hydroelectricity: The Foundation of Northwest Public Power

Water, Wildlife and Fisheries Subcommittee Field Hearing - June 26, 2023
Click here for Written Testimony and Presentation Slides

Watch the entire hearing below. Testimony by Rick Dunn, General Manager of Benton PUD begins at 45:45.


EmPOWERing Our Community Forums

Benton PUD held a series of forums in Fall 2022 to inform our customers and help answer the question, "is affordable, reliable electricity in jeoperdy?"

EmPOWERing Our Community Presentation Slides

Learn more about:

  • How the power grid works.
  • The affects of aggresive clean energy policies.
  • How imposed restrictions on the hydrosystem and the possible removal of the Snake River Dams would affect Benton PUD and our customers.
  • How affordable, reliable, environmentally-responsible electricity is essential for your health, safety, and well-being.