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Plug Into Your Future - Customer Information Meetings

Benton PUD held a series of Plug Into Your Future Customer Meetings in 2017 to solicit our customers' feedback on strategies that could be implemented to best meet the needs of our customers.

If you were unable to attend the meetings, the presentations are available to view.

The Changing Utility - New technologies and regulatory policy are causing the utility industry to experience unprecedented change.  A number of opportunities and challenges facing utilities both nationwide and in the Northwest were discussed, including the latest challenges to our hydroelectric system and the Snake River Dams.

Utility Industry 2.0:  Legacy, Uncertainty, Opportunity
Biological Opinion & the Snake River Dams

Benton PUD Broadband:  Connecting our community - Since 2000, Benton PUD has provided reliable, open-access wholesale broadband services to schools, medical facilities, government agencies and private businesses in our communities.  Future opportunities for this world-class high speed broadband network were discussed.

Benton PUD Broadband

Emerging Technologies:  The next era of electricity use - Electricity is the backbone of technology that powers utilities and its customers.  Solar power, electric vehicles, energy storage batteries and new "smart" technology have an impact on your utility.  What technologies would you like Benton PUD to focus on? 

Emerging Technologies

2019 Strategic Planning

Benton PUD is hosting a combined strategic planning and community information forum to discuss the challenges and opportunities of maintaining grid reliability and affordability in a clean energy era.

Washington State recently passed legislation requiring electric utilities to remove carbon-emitting generation resources from their portfolios with the goal of achieving a 100% clean electric sector by 2045 with an intermediate goal of 80% of retail sales to be supplied by carbon-free resources by 2030.

Guest speakers include Arne Olson, Senior Partner Energy + Environmental Economics who has 25 years of experience in energy analysis, and Therese Hampton who's the Executive Director for Public Generating Pool (PGP) has led public power efforts int he development of state policies related to clean energy and electricity markets. 

  • The meeting is taking place in the Benton PUD Kennewick Auditorium on Tuesday, June 25, 2019 from 1-4 p.m.
  • To RSVP email Dawn Stringer at