Posted in Taxes   June 1, 2018

Benton PUD pays $2.68 million in Privilege Tax

Benton PUD paid $2.68 million in “privilege taxes” to the State of Washington at the end of May which is up $0.24 million from last year.


The annual tax was levied on 2017 revenue for the privilege of providing electricity in the state.  The privilege taxes collected by the state include $905,000 for the state school fund, and $276,000 to the state general fund.  In addition, $1.5 million is divided between Benton County, and the cities of Kennewick, Prosser, Benton City, and Richland. 
In addition to the privilege tax, Benton PUD paid the following taxes in 2017: $4.48 million to the state for the public utility tax; municipal utility taxes of $5.52 million to the City of Kennewick, $451,000 to the City of Prosser, $142,000 to the City of Benton City, $16,000 to the City of Richland, and other excise taxes of $67,000 to the State.

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