Posted in Dams, Summer   August 23, 2019

National Hydropower Day

August 23, 2019 marks National Hydropower day!
Hydropower fuels the fuel mix in the Tri-Cities, accounting for more than 80% of the electricity that powers our lives every day. National Hydropower Day gives us the opportunity to celebrate the most reliable resource in power that's 100% carbon free. Below shows Benton PUD's fuel mix, and how prominent and essential hydropower is in providing affordable electricity that we can rely on:
The Northwest as a whole dominates in terms of hydro. Hydropower represents 90% of the regions renewable energy, 80% of our carbon free energy, 50% of our total annual energy, and 40% of the entire US hydropower input.

If you want to celebrate our hydropower, don't miss the opportunity to attend Riverfest 2019 on September 7th from 10am-4pm! Riverfest is a FREE family event that pays tribute to the benefits of the Federal Hydropower system with a focus on the lower Snake River Dams. There will be educational exhibits, food vendors, speakers, hands on learning experiences, entertainment, and fun for the whole family! Riverfest will take place at Columbia Park in the Neil F. Lampson Pits.