April 30, 2020

Wholesale Broadband Bringing Benefits During COVID-19 Pandemic

Internet reliability is crucial to our essential workers, especially during this pandemic.

Benton PUD offers wholesale broadband services that brings numerous benefits including high-speed internet access to emergency responders, health-care providers, governments, schools, and libraries.
Thanks to the 400 miles of fiber-optic cable and broadband services we’ve provided since 2002, our health-care workers have access to high-speed broadband network that helps them do the communicating they need to keep our community safe and healthy. Benton PUD works with Northwest Open Access Network (NoaNet) to provide high-speed network throughout all of Benton County.
This network also helps Benton PUD communicate between our Kennewick and Prosser offices and with our advanced meters and substations to allow us to continue providing reliable electricity as you telecommute from home.
Benton PUD thanks all first responders and essential workers during this time, and we’re thankful for the partnerships we have with our local retail service providers that deliver broadband services to our community.

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Temporary Drive-In Wi-Fi Hotspots

Benton PUD, in coordination with NoaNet, has installed temporary “Drive-In Wi-Fi” hotspots in our community to help connect people in need of broadband access during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The hotspots are available 24/7.  No password is required.
The new hotspots are now active and can be accessed in Kennewick at the following locations:

200 N. Washington Street

Next to the old Welch’s Building on Washington St just south of Columbia Dr.

10 N. Dayton Street

Just south of the Tri-City Herald and north of Monarch Tattoo shop

3311 W. Clearwater Avenue

Along Clearwater north of the Verizon Store and Department of Motor Vehicles

7504 W. Clearwater Avenue

Along Clearwater north of McDonalds near Columbia Center Blvd.

603 S. Columbia Center Blvd.

Along S Columbia Center Blvd. north of Orchard View Substation across from La Serena at Hansen Park apartments