Hydropower Flows Here

Posted in Dams   June 21, 2017

Hydropower Flows Here

Benton PUD has partnered with Bonneville Power Administration to share information with consumers about the various attributes of this renewable, clean, reliable source of electricity that powers nearly 60 percent of Northwest homes and businesses.

Did you know that nearly eight million acres of our farmland owes its existence to the irrigation provided by hydropower?  Learn how hydropower fuels economy with affordable electricity, jobs.

Hydropower providers enough energy to power more than 13 million homes in the Northwest.  Learn more about ​hydropower’s reliability, flexibility and supports of other renewable .

Thanks to hydropower, the region is able to avoid the greenhouse gas emissions equivalent of more than 10 million cars.  Learn more about how hydropower is a source of clean energy supports the region’s clean air and water .

Get the facts about hydropower