Posted in Summer, What impacts your bill   July 14, 2020

Beat the Heat this Summer

There are several ways to save energy, so your summer power bill doesn't break the bank.
Conserving electricity is good for the environment, and your wallet. As temperatures heat up this summer your home will work harder to stay cool, but if you make small changes around your house you can reduce your usage and avoid a high bill in return. 

Some things you can do immediately start with YOU! Keep the thermostat at the highest temperature you're comfortable with to use less energy. Before turning the thermostat temperature up, ensure you're dressed appropriately for the weather. Remove layers, close blinds and drapes during the day to help keep the heat out or use a fan. If you find your home is still too warm, ensure you're using larger appliances like the washer/dryer and dishwasher during the coolest parts of the day like the evening or early morning hours. To take this even further, consider not using the dryer at all and hang-drying laundry. 

Once you cool your home to your comfort, it's essential to keep that cool air trapped inside. Check the caulk and sealing around windows and doors to ensure there's no cracks letting cool air outside. Another simple maintenance job you can add to your checklist is to check filters to ensure they are clean. For central air, the filters are the same ones you check in the winter and are part of the furnace. For window units, they are behind the grill. Dirty filters limit air flow and force equipment to work harder and use more energy.

It pays off to perform some maintenance and make small behavioral changes to save energy. Learn more about saving energy this summer.