Posted in Electrical safety, Safety   June 2, 2021

Show Your House Some Love - June Is Home Safety Month

For Home Safety Month, take the time to prevent unintentional injury-related deaths that kill thousands each year. 
Electricity is a regular part of our everyday lives, but it can be dangerous if everyone doesn't practice electrical safety habits.

Benton PUD encourages everyone to be aware of potential dangers at home, take proper safety precautions, and raise awareness about electrical safety with others. 

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), 169,936 people died from unintentional injury-related deaths in 2017, and most of these deaths happen off the job. 

Electrical safety is important to practice at home to prevent house fires, electrocution, and electrical emergencies. Safe electrical habits could be anything from checking and replacing loose fitting outlets to unplugging appliances near water. Benton PUD has several safety tips that can keep your home safe.

At Home Safety Audit

It's easy! We challenge you to go through your home and ensure you're practicing electrical safety. Consider starting with this checklist:

How did you do? Is your home electrically safe? Follow up with more safety tips that can keep your home safe to keep the home you and your family love safe all year round!