Posted in smarthub   March 21, 2018

The Power of SmartHub®

Benton PUD’s SmartHub® allows you to easily manage your account online.


When you make a payment on SmartHub®, it is applied to your account real time and there is no service fee.  Other payment options, such as your bank or other bill payment services, often charge a fee per payment transaction.  And, it can take days before the payment is received by Benton PUD and applied to your account.
SmartHub® also comes with a whole host of other features that allow you to save time and energy including the ability to monitor your daily, monthly or hourly energy usage.  You can also sign up for text or email notifications regarding your usage and outages.

No service fees with SmartHub® 


Benton PUD's SmartHub®

Other Payment Services

Real-time payments

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Service charges


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Usage and outage notifications (text or email)

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Usage monitoring

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