April 5, 2022

Planting and Pruning Trees Near Power Lines

As we have more time to work around the yard, there's a right and wrong place to plant a tree near a power line.

Tree branches growing into electrical lines can cause power outages, property damage or personal injury.  These hazards can be prevented by planting appropriately near power lines, proper tree pruning and in some cases, removal and replanting of “power line friendly” trees.

It is Benton PUD’s practice to prune and/or remove trees in close proximity to primary high-voltage overhead lines.  Customers are responsible for pruning and/or removing trees growing into secondary lines that go directly to your home or business as well as maintaining access to underground electrical equipment. 

Contact us before pruning trees near secondary lines to request that we disconnect your service.  We will disconnect your service free of charge during regular work hours to allow you to prune your trees safely.

Trees are an important part of our community and add to our quality of life.  They add to your home value, provide shade and help improve your home’s energy efficiency.   Trees also play an important part of carbon reduction in our environment. 

We're available to help you decide where to plant your trees, and what kind you should consider.  We have more information about our Tree Program here. There you'll find several frequently asked questions that may answer your concerns, and information regarding safe practices.

Call Before You Dig
If you are planning to do any digging the first thing you want to do is call 8-1-1 for the Utilities Underground Location Center. They will send someone to mark where your electric, gas, water, sewer and cable lines are buried. The last thing you want to do is to hit one of these lines, causing a dangerous and expensive problem.