October 29, 2020

Winter Weatherization Tips To Keep In Mind This Fall

It's that time of year again, time to prepare your home for winter weather.
The Tri-Cities has already seen freezing temperatures this fall, but it isn't too late to start winter weatherization on your home. Being prepared ahead of cold weather can help reduce your usage and a shocking spike in your electric bill. While your home works harder to stay warm, lend it a helping hand by doing the following things before this winter hits:
  • Clean or replace furnace filters
  • Clean registers, baseboard heaters, and radiators
  • Close the vents of your crawlspace
  • Close fireplace dampers – but remember to open them in the spring
  • Caulk and seal air leaks in areas like windows, doors and plumbing
  • Remove air conditioners from windows
  • Test your home for air tightness
  • Check ductwork for leaks and sections that may have separated
  • Set your thermostat as low as comfortable – we recommend 68 degrees in the winter
You can learn more energy saving tips that can save you money on your electric bill at
Year-round, we encourage our customer to utilize SmartHub. SmartHub allows you to monitor your daily, weekly, and monthly electric usage. Knowing when you use the most electricity in your home can help you make small changes to conserve more energy and manage your bill. You can also download the SmartHub Smartphone App to have the convenience of monitoring your usage at your fingertips.

Monitor your usage in the SmartHub App

Benton PUD also has rebates available for your home and business. If you're interested in rebates for your home, your appliances, heat pump water heaters, duct sealing, smart thermostat, insulation, doors, or windows may qualify. We also offer business rebates for commercial businesses, we offer an agricultural program, and an industrial program. Find out more about Benton PUD's rebates at 

Winterization tips for your home