Posted in Solar   February 27, 2018

Want to install solar but don't know where to start?

Installing a solar system on your property may make sense if you own your home or business and want to make a long-term investment in solar. 


A solar installer will be able to analyze your property to determine an appropriate size and location.  When purchasing a solar system, be sure to get multiple quotes to ensure you are getting a good price.  Prices should be in the range of $2 to $4 per watt for a 12kW roof mounted system. 

Benton PUD recently reintroduced its solar incentives for solar installation on your home or business.  The incentive amount is determined by the fiscal year the system is certified. Incentives are paid for eight fiscal years, or until the cumulative incentive reaches 50 percent of the total system price, whichever occurs first.  Per participant incentives are capped annually depending on the size of system installed. 

In addition, customers who install solar panels will receive a credit on their monthly bill based on the production of their system through Benton PUD's Net Metering program. 

Learn more about enrolling in Benton PUD's Net Metering program today.